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We noticed that we say “the customer is always right” a lot on this blog and newsflash, we are not going to stop because the customer is truly always right. Customers are the backbone of any business and if you don’t have customers, then what kind of business are you running?


It’s important to keep your customers happy and to do that, you have to employ customer service professionals who are experts at keeping the customers happy. While you might do your best to hire the best professionals that you can afford, there are some mistakes made by customer service professionals and that’s why we are here.

We’ve decided to give you the top 5 mistakes made by customer service professionals.

Showing no empathy

A customer service professional should empathize with the customer’s needs and the customers should feel way better after talking to you instead of feeling worse. A great customer service professional should be able to show empathy, he/she should try walking in the customer’s shoes and imagine you can’t get a service you paid for. 

Once your customer service officer is consistently yelling at the customer or showing no empathy, you might want to organize another orientation or move the person to another department.

Not being accountable

When customers are blaming you for what went wrong in their order or their business, you cannot tell them that “it’s not your fault” because the customer knows that it might not be your fault, but you are the one taking the blame. As a customer service officer, you are the brand ambassador of the company so when a customer complains about your service or product, you need to be accountable.

Not apologizing

Like we said earlier, we know the challenge the customer is facing is not the fault of the customer, but that doesn’t mean that when the customer is yelling, you’d not apologize. An individual that has issues with apologizing might have a problem with becoming a customer service professional because it is a career path that requires you to be familiar with how to apologize especially when you are not wrong.

Being rude

If someone annoyed you at home, you’d want to keep that energy of annoyance at home and be all smiles when you are at work. Nobody wants to deal with a rude customer service professional. If your customer service officer cannot be polite during work hours to make sure your customers are happy; you might want to move that person to another department.

Lack of honesty

There is no need to tell the customers about services that you do not offer because you are trying to keep the customers or you are trying to do better than your competitors. If you are not sure about the question asked or the services provided, instead of being dishonest, you can tell the customer to give you a few minutes so you can run the information by the person in charge just to be sure.

You cannot make up stories to tell the customer something you are not sure of. It would ruin the brand. So, during orientation, make sure you run these tips by your customer service professionals. Let them know some of the mistakes so they can actively work towards avoiding them.

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