Customer feedback and analytics for Founders and Makers

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Get feedback on how customers are experiencing your products.

STEP 1: Ask the right questions

Ask your customers simple questions

STEP 2: Share and collate feedback

-Embed into your website.
-Launch in an email.
-share the link.

Built with you in mind

Product Managers

Build your products with your customers in mind. Get the right feedback to enrich your product concepts. Understand the features the customers like the mose and optimize, etc.

UX Designers

Research and improve on all the key points of the customer journey map – Discovery, Onboarding, Purchase, Billing, Usage, Support etc.

Product Marketers

Monitor and track customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS) using a simple tool that will help you collate customer feedback and generate useful data insights.

Analyze the feedback for insights

Get the insights and trends to make the right business decisions.

Live reports

Take corrective actions while your customers are experiencing the pains, this goes a long way to ensure bettercustomer experience.

Insights and trends

From Live reports to Email Report Digests, get the report you need when you really need them.

Best for these activities

Customer Satisfaction

Monitor the following aggressively:
-Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
-Net Promoter Score (NPS®)
-Customer Experience (CES)

Product Research

Learn from the customers so you can build products they really want.

Market Research

Understand your market so you can compete effectively. Ask the right questions at the rigth time using SuperBI.

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