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February and March are exciting months because there are a lot of events promoting diversity and inclusion. The month of February is dedicated to Black History while March is dedicated to Women. You might ask why there are months dedicated to black people and women and non for white people and men.

Well, you are free to google so you can keep up with history. In the past, women were not allowed to do a lot. They were not allowed to get an education, to vote, to get a job, and more. All they did was the chores and get married and even in the marriage, they didn’t have a say. Taking out a month to celebrate them celebrates their journey and applauds women generally because even though there are still issues that need to be fixed like child marriage, human trafficking, and more, there is progress. As regards black people, we know how it has been. From working as slaves in plantain plantations to having a voice. We must understand just how important the progress is as we work towards more inclusion and diversity.

It’s not enough to liaise with your Social Media Managers and Content Creators for Black History Month and International Women’s Day, we need to do more than that.

At SuperBI, your employees and customers are our priority so we will do our best to give you content that will give your employees and customers a better experience. In this article, we’ve come up with 5 ways in which you can build an inclusive workplace.

Hire them

We cannot say this enough. It’s not enough to say you have one black person in your team and 101 white people. You can hire more black people. No, it doesn’t have to be 50/50, but when people see people who look like them in their place of work, there is this vibe that it gives. If you follow black Hollywood actors, they’ll tell you how excited they were to see people like them take on leading roles and that helped them believe they could do it.

When Kerry Washington starred in Scandal, she was the first black woman to be a lead actress in a series that big and this gave room for others like Taraji P Henson as the lead actress in Empire. Asides from these examples, it also helps people put in their best. Knowing that the company they are working for is inclusive, you’d see the effort your members of staff who are in the minority will put in to get the work done.

Look out for their holidays

We are not looking at diversity from the point of view of women and black people, but for everyone in the minority including people of color, special needs people, and even people from other religions. If you have a Jewish staff and there is a holiday like Hanukkah, you can wish your staff a happy Hanukkah and ask what he/she is doing that day. You can even buy gifts for the person. It’s International Women’s Day and you have few female employees, how about doing something nice for them? Remember, it’s not about the graphics on social media, it’s what you do after that.

Use inclusive pronouns

Not everyone is interested in marriage, not everyone is interested in having a husband or wife. Some people live together, are in love, but are not willing to get married so when you say husband or wife instead of partner, what do you think that means? It doesn’t cover them and it also doesn’t cover gay people. This is not the only example, but we are also not about to bother you with numerous examples. Use inclusive pronouns.

Don’t demean their struggle

If someone at work says “black lives matter”, don’t say “all lives matter”. If they say the future is female, don’t say, the future is everyone. You are not in their shoes, you don’t know the struggle, you don’t know what they are trying to deal with and how hard it is. So, instead of jumping right in, make sure you ask questions or say nothing. During tough times like someone gets killed because of racism, you can send an email to your black staff reminding them that you care about them

Take harassments seriously

This! Most companies try to sweep it under the carpet and it’s so annoying. A member of staff reports to HR about someone using the N word and HR says “you know, it’s just bants.” Or a male employee telling a female employee that she was employed to fill the diversity gap and your HR does nothing about it? Then on days set aside to promote diversity, you work with the graphics designer to slap fancy graphics in our faces on social media?

There is nothing cooler than a diverse and inclusive workplace where people in the minority can put in their best to get the work done. If you’ve failed to practice what you preach on social media, here is another chance to make it right.

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