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Customers are important to any business; a business would be nothing without customers. However, it is sad that despite the emphasis put into making some business owners understand how important the customer is to their businesses, it seems we are pouring water on a rock.


Time and time again, businesses are failing to build better relationships that don’t involve money with the customers. Ask yourself how many times you’ve bought things because of the stellar experience you had with that company. What we are trying to say is building a great relationship with your customers is essential which is why in this article, we are giving you 5 tips to build a better relationship with your customers.


It’s better to under-promise and over-deliver than to over-promise and under-deliver. Customers love it when you exceed their expectations. Think of the times you’ve said “wow” so many times because of the great service you received from that brand. Customers are blown away by excellent customer service. We remember when one of our staff at SuperBi kept gushing over the candles he bought because of the packaging and the personalized note. Asides from the packaging, the candles smelt heavenly and he was thrilled. He is a huge fan of it and he tells anyone that cares to know about that brand. Over-deliver whenever you get a customer order and watch your customers blow your brand’s trumpet for you.

Personalize the customer’s experience

What this means is that you should personalize your dealings with them whether it has to do with a delivery or with an email. Remember their birthdays and send them emails wishing them a happy birthday, when they order, you can write cute notes. We talked about our staff who was blown away by a candle he bought because it had his name on it with a cute note.

Instead of sending random emails, personalize their emails. Also, if something is going on maybe in your country, send an email to let them know you are thinking about them.

Ask them for feedback

Thankfully, with SuperBI, it is easy to get customer feedback. Most times, business owners just launch products without caring what their customers want. If you watch YouTube videos a lot, you’d understand that certain content creators ask their subscribers what videos they want to see because they know that if they create what people want to see, they will get more views. If you create a product that your customers or prospective clients want, they will patronize you.

Give them rewards

When you reward your customers, they would come back for more and even tell their friends about your business. This is why brands these days are focusing on giveaways and there is something called the Customer Service Week where you get to reward your customers. You can even send Christmas hampers or pay for a holiday for one of your customers. Another thing we’d advice is to take note of your customers who are constantly engaging on your content especially if you run an online business and make sure you do something nice for the person. It can be promoting the person’s business. It’s always the little things for the customers.

Great customer experience

We cannot overemphasize this point. If you’ve been taking customer experience for granted, now is the time to do better. Make sure the customer experience is great generally. Great experience on the website, great experience when they are trying to pay for what’s on their cart, great experience when they call your business or reach out to your business via social media, and more importantly, great experience with the product or services they’ve purchased.


Customer service is everything and as a brand heavily invested in customers, we are here to make sure you know how to get and keep your customers. We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we enjoyed writing it. If you did, subscribe to our email list and follow us on social media @Superbi_data on Twitter and Instagram.

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