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Job burnout is something everyone has dealt with at one point in their life or the other. While some people can come out of that, others are not that lucky. Job burnout can take a toll on you and affect your productivity as an employee.

If you feel you are dealing with job burnout, we’ve been there at Twoogle and understand that we might not be able to relate totally with what you are going through because our experiences differ.

How do you know if you are dealing with job burnout?

Certain things scream job burnout and you might want to look into them. If you have low energy, tired of work, unmotivated, lack self-care, frustration, and more, you might be dealing with job burnout and you can fix that. You already know we got you when it has to do with helpful tips.

Take your leave

Some employees do not take their paid annual leaves, why? Why are you not taking it we get the company needs you, but if you are no longer there, they will get a replacement in minutes? Please, if you’ve been trying to avoid taking your annual leave, the time to reconsider is here. Take the leave, go on that solo trip, girls’ trip, or baecation.

You need the energy to be productive and if you don’t have fun and are not well-rested, where do you intend to get the energy from? We don’t sell energy on SuperBI unfortunately so take the leave.

Have a life outside work

When we talk about work-life balance, we want you to have it. Have a life outside work, have people you hang out with outside of work, have events you go for outside of work, having people you call outside of work, have things you talk about outside of work. Maybe that’s the reason you are dealing with job burnout. You’ve talked about work much that it now seems like that’s all you are about.


How often do you rest? Do you take work home with you? Do you rest during the weekend or do you work, work and work? You must take your rest as seriously you take your hustle. Shut down your laptop and mobile devices and get some rest because you deserve it. Sleep.

Plan better

How organized are you? Being organized helps people stay sane and it helps us deal less with Job burnout. For instance, if you work on social media, instead of struggling with content to share instantly, why don’t you batch-create and schedule social media posts via a scheduling software like Twoogle. It helps you stay organised. We believe that as an employee if you plan your week better from your outfits to your meals, you’d notice different energy.

Get to the root cause

Resting and having a work-life balance might not the problem. The problem might not be you; it might be that your place of work is toxic and your employer is stressing you out. In that case, it’s not your fault, but it would help you figure out how to fix it.

Job burnout is hectic and trying to get work done while dealing with it. We hope these tips are helpful and you have a clear idea of what to do if you are dealing with job burnout. Have a great week and don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms at @SuperBI_data on Instagram and Twitter.

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