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COVID came and changed the game regarding work. While we love it sometimes because we don’t have to face traffic and the rigours that come with leaving the house every day, we miss the bond we have with our co-workers. Meeting them physically, the events, and all that.

Working from home can be tasking and it’s even worse for employers trying to figure out a way to appreciate their staff working from home. At SuperBI, everyone works from home and even though it’s tasking, we are getting a hang of it which is why in this article, we are sharing tips on how you can appreciate your employees who work remotely.

Post them on social media

Not on your personal social media page, but your work social media page. Post them to show the world just how amazing they are. It’s fun when your friends post your picture on their social media pages while showering encomium on you, imagine how interesting it will be when it’s from the company you work for. If they are doing well, make sure you tell the world how amazing they are.

Send them gift cards

How often do you send your staff gift cards? Your employees are the internal customers of the company and if you don’t treat them right, how do you think they will share the good news about your company with the world? If you’ve been stalling, do something nice for them. Send them a gift card, it’s a way to show that you appreciate them and you care about them.

Organize virtual hangouts and pay for their orders

Planning an event is tough, but you know what’s tougher, planning a virtual one. To do this, you can maybe order them pizza or whatever they like or give them a voucher so they can order what they want and they can munch on it when the virtual hangout is going on.

It makes them happy and also creates a bonding time with members of staff.

Call them

This might sound strange, but when last did you pick up your phone to call your colleague and ask “how are you doing?” People hardly ask that especially employers. If you’ve never done this, you should try it out. Your employee would find it strange, but at the same time, he/she would find it thoughtful. Pick up the phone and make that call now.

Engage with their content on social media

We know you just rolled your eyes now and you’re like “what are the people at SuperBI saying? Are they joking or what?” No, we are not joking. When your employee makes a post on social media and you are following him/her, a like or a witty comment can do the trick. If you crack dry jokes, maybe just like the post and go. Liking a post is still engaging with the post.

That’s all we have for today guys. Please, we know this might sound unconventional especially for employers who feel that they have to be mean-spirited to respected. Even though members of staff are working from home, it’s not an excuse not to appreciate them.

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