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The customer is always right is a cliché that is here to stay because customers are the lifeblood of a business. It is not far-fetched that as a business owner, you are looking for a way to engage better with your customers. According to research, brands that engage with their customers perform better than brands that do not.


This leads us to the question; how do you engage with your customers? At SuperBI, we have come up with 5 ways in which you can engage with your audience.


Create a forum

You can do this on Facebook or even your brand’s social media platform. Imagine a diaper brand with a forum for mothers to share how they are coping with motherhood or a sanitary pad company creating a forum where ladies can share how they are coping with period cramps and general period hygiene.

Host an event

Thanks to the pandemic, webinars are now more popular than ever. The idea of the webinars is for the customers to get new information about the brand’s new products or information that will help your customers. This is a way to interact with them.


Giveaways have proven helpful with regards to engaging with customers. It encourages customer participation and rewards the customers if they are successful which is a great boost for your engagement. It depends on what your brand is about. Let’s use a niche we’ve used before, a diaper brand. You can ask parents who use your brand of diapers to do a photoshoot with their baby and the baby with the highest likes wins a year of free supply of diapers and a truck of baby stuff. This will bring engagement to your page and at the same time, creates a relationship between you and your customers.

Ask for feedback and make use of the feedback

Yes, you read this right. You cannot ask for feedback and do nothing about it. ask your customers what changes they are looking to see in the brand and implement the good ones. We said the good ones because some of the suggestions are over the top. As a business owner, you know what works best for your business which is why you know the feedback that would go well with your brand. Thank your customers for the honest feedback, but do what you feel is best for the brand.

Use SuperBI

One of the ways to get to the good books of your customers is by creating an easy channel where they can tell you how they feel. This is why SuperBI is the best for the job. It is the best channel for your customers to express how they feel about a certain product or service and it also provides an avenue for you to engage with your customers which in turn helps your business.

If you are looking to create products your customers want and engage with your customers better, SuperBi comes in handy. Never make a business decision without data insight!

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