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It’s International Women’s Day this Sunday and I am super hyped up about it. I don’t know if my excitement is because we’ve been indoors for so long and now, help is almost here. I mean, the vaccine is almost here and it will soon get to everyone, but somehow, this International Women’s Day makes me so happy. Oh, I know why, we are launching soon! Yeah, you read that right. SuperBi is launching this month.

Our launch however is not what this post is about. In line with the #IWD2021 coming up on Sunday, we have 5 ways to celebrate international women’s day 2021 at work.

Pay your female employees what they are worth

Gender parity has been talked about a lot, but are companies practicing it? Are you paying your female employees what they are worth or are you paying them less because they are women? It’s another women’s month and it’s time for you to do the right thing. It’s not about splashing photos of your female employees on social media to celebrate the month, pay them what they are worth, pay them what you pay their male counterparts in the same level and department.

Listen to them

Some men are fond of cutting women off when they want to give an opinion because misogyny doesn’t go away with a corporate outfit or with education. Some men still don’t believe that a woman is has a say. To them, she is supposed to listen when they talk and she should not have a say.

If you are a man like this, you have a chance to change and become a better person. It’s not about hailing Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, how are you treating the women who work for you or with you? Do you treat their opinion as thrash because they are women? Do better this year. We have joy in our lives now with the COVID vaccines, let our joy be full with your new decision to listen to the women you work with instead of sweeping their opinion under the carpet.

Do something nice for them

Yes, you read that right. Give them a treat because women have tried. From not being able to vote and be voted for, not being able to get a job, not being able to publish literary works, not being able to get an education to women now being in places of power, holding top management positions, getting degrees and killing it generally. Please, it’s a thing of celebration so do something nice for the women in your organisation. It can be a card, a text, buying a book, paying for a movie date, or deciding to treat them better, do something to make them feel special.

Employ more women

I’m not saying you should employ women who cannot get the job done. Employ women who can get the job done. It’s not fair that your organization consists of 92% male and 8% women. I’m sure there is something you can do to make increase the percentage of qualified women you have in your organization. I’m not saying it must be 50/50, but try to employ more qualified women in your organization.

Maternity Leave

Do you know how hard it is for a woman to be her best at work and at the same time still be a mom? When your female employee asks for maternity leave, can you give her a maternity leave? 3 weeks is not enough. I get that work must go on, but someone who is well-rested will put in the work for you. if you know that your employee was active and agile before she put to bed, what will it cost to give her a maternity leave? If you make your female employee happy and provide a good working condition for them, you’d see how productivity would skyrocket in your company.

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A customer service executive is the brand influencer. The customer service executive is the first person your client meets and the first impression your clients have about your business is the customer service. So, when you want to hire a customer service executive, there are certain things you have to consider. 

In this article, I’m going to give you 5 skills a customer service executive must possess before you hire the person. You need to look out for these things before you hire the person. 


A customer service executive needs to have empathy, he/she should be able to empathize with customers when things in your company are not working out. The executive should be able to calm the customers down too. Empathy is an important customer skill that any customer service executive should have.


A customer service executive should be patient. Customers would frustrate you; they would yell at you, they would call you names and it’s normal because they are angry. Angry people do annoying things especially angry people who paid for a service with their money and not getting their money’s worth. The duty of a customer service executive involves making the customer feel better and try to solve the customer’s challenges. An impatient person cannot work as a customer service executive. You need to look out for this skill before you hire somebody.

Listening Skills

Someone who doesn’t listen and who would rather talk cannot be a customer service executive. You’d listen to a lot of customers complain about your company without interruption so many times. If you notice that someone interrupts and talks more than he/she listens, you might have to reconsider employing the person or maybe train the person to be a better listener.


A customer service executive should be nice. Even if he/she is not nice to family, you need to be nice to clients. The fact that things are not looking good at home or a customer service executive had an issue with a partner doesn’t mean that he/she should transfer the aggression to the client. Whatever issue you are going through, you need to show up and be nice to your customers. Customers are looking for the slightest excuse to leave a brand, don’t give them one with bad customer service. Hire a customer service executive that is nice.

Knowledge of your business

Your customer service executive needs to know your business in and out. Of course, the person doesn’t need to know your business in and out before you hire the person. A customer service executive has to talk to your customers about your brand. Make sure you hire someone willing to learn about your business because he/she is the representative of the company. 

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The customer is always right might sound cliché, but isn’t the customer, always right? It takes one dissatisfied customer to ruin your brand and reputation that you’ve worked so hard to build. Customers always have complaints. We mean, that’s why there is a whole department responsible for customer’s complaint.

As a business owner or even a member of staff dealing with customers, the probability that you’d have annoying customers is high. We asked most people who work with the customer service department for different organizations and this is what they had to say:

Sandra: It’s crazy! Most times, I have to take painkillers once I’m done with work because it gets tiring.

Johnson: I had one customer curse, my mom. It was crazy because why would you do that? You don’t even know me. I was this close to losing my job.

Tosin: I cry a lot with this job. I try to be as polite as possible, but some of these customers don’t care that a human being is behind the phone or the keypad. It breaks my heart.

Ian: I had this nasty customer who came to the bank and was yelling and calling me names. All I could think of was the fact that if I challenged him to a fight outside, I would beat his ass.

Customer complaints are a lot to deal with. It takes a toll on you mentally and if you are not diplomatic, you can lose that customer. A bad customer spreads the bad news of your company fast so it’s important to make sure you are in your customer’s good books. Of course, there would be challenges here and there, but the important thing is to make sure you make things up with your customers. 

This brings us to the question how do you deal with customer complaints?

Listen to what the customer has to say

It’s a known fact that it’s easier to talk than listen, but as a customer service executive or a business owner, you need to listen more. Kindly know that it’s possible that your customer won’t be nice because if a customer is angry, he/she will express himself/herself because thus customer paid you for a service and you are not giving the customer the best. Instead of interrupting, kindly listen and make notes.

Don’t interrupt

This goes hand-in-hand with the first point. Let the customer talk to you about the problem he/she is facing. It’s not a time to keep interrupting, you can do better than consistently interrupting a customer. Listen and stop interrupting. The customer might be rude, but it’s important to have a tough skin as a customer service officer or a business owner. You cannot afford to lose a customer because you felt the need to interrupt.


We get that it might not even be your fault that the customer is having issues, but you have to apologize. Always apologize to the customer even if it’s not your fault. Yes, the customer might decide to still be annoying and say hurtful things after this, still apologize.

Get a solution

Of course, you might not be responsible for fixing the customer’s complaint, but make sure it gets to the appropriate channel and give your customer a timeline for fixing this issue.

Follow up

Reach out to the customer to know if he/she was satisfied with the solution and if he/she is happy now. You might think it doesn’t matter, but it does. It helps show the customer that you care and you are not only after their money.

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Reasons Why You Should Take Your Customer Satisfaction Seriously

Reasons Why You Should Take Your Customer Satisfaction Seriously

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Believe that the customer is king is just bants at your peril. It is not bants alone, it is the reality of businesses, and the earlier you get used to that, the better.

In running a business, one of the key things to look out for is your customer satisfaction because if your customer is satisfied, that customer would spread the word.

There are some reasons that your customer satisfaction should be a top priority and because your customer satisfaction is our priority at SuperBi, we’ve decided to share some reasons why you should take your customer satisfaction seriously just in case you’ve been joking about it.

People patronize businesses with good customer service

We’ve mentioned this time and time again. We had a conversation with one of our staff who opened a bank account because she had to do a transaction with the bank and the customer service was seamless, unlike her former bank which had nothing close to great customer service. People patronize businesses with excellent customer service. So, if you are not taking the customers seriously, now is the time to do that.

Bad news travels faster than good news

You know how you hear that something bad has happened to someone fast, but when it’s a good thing, you hardly hear it or when you do, the news is probably stale? That’s how it is with a dissatisfied customer. I’m sure you’ve seen cases on social media where a brand is dragged to filth because of their bad customer service and a lot of people unfollow, unsubscribe, and even cut off their relationship with that particular brand, right? Why don’t you want to take your brand seriously? why are you are looking for ways to make your customers have a better experience working with you?

People read reviews these days

The percentage of those who buy things or patronize brands without reading reviews is getting leaner and leaner because people depend on online reviews to give them a go-ahead. This also works with downloading applications on Play Store or App Store. Who wants to download an app with horrible reviews and 1.4 stars? Nobody! You don’t want to be in that place where you are dragged for something like this. Do better, look for ways to make your customer’s happy. Treat your customers like a romantic relationship where if you ate a good person, you’d want to make your partner happy and have an easy life.

It’s easier to retain a customer than to get a new customer

This is the truth. Of course, marketing works, but not every campaign will convert so while you spend time looking for new customers for your business, also make sure you do your best to retain the current customers that you have. It’s always easier to retain customers than to get new customers.

A happy customer is a satisfied customer

Your customer’s happiness should be your concern because if a customer is not happy, the chances that the customer might not be your customer anymore with a snap of the finger is pretty high. In all your dealings, make sure that your customer is happy. Once you achieve this feat, you’d understand that a happy customer is a purchasing customer.

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A 21ST Century Business Still Stuck In The Past?

A 21ST Century Business Still Stuck In The Past?

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The world is evolving rapidly and businesses are not slacking, they are looking for ways to join the trend. They are continuously looking for ways to evolve and to keep up with what is going on with trends. However, there are still some businesses that are still stuck in the past.

I walked into a restaurant to get something only recently and I was kind of disappointed. Well, not about the food or the relaxed ambience that welcomes me, I wasn’t disappointed about the customer service either. It was great, but I was disappointed about how they expect their dissatisfied customers to reach out to them. I didn’t sit well with me. I expected that a restaurant as fancy as that should do better especially with their customer feedback, but putting a wooden box and asking customers to write their feedback on a paper and put it in your “suggestion box” has to be the most backward thing ever.

You cannot be running a 21st-century business, have a website that people can order from and your customer’s suggestions are taken when your customers put their complaint in a wooden box. 

Why a wooden suggestion box is not the best idea for your business especially if you position yourself as a 21st-century business

Not everyone makes use of paper and pen

I can’t remember the last time I wrote on a pen and paper. I have note applications on my phone, I make sure of applications on my phone for everything. I have a scheduling app on my phone, I have a budgeting app on my phone, I have a tracker on my phone and anything I can’t do on my phone, I do on my laptop. Most people don’t even go around with paper and a pen and I’m sure the idea of your wooden box is not so people can type their complaints on their computers, print it, and put it in your suggestion box because it’s hilarious.

Nobody takes your business seriously

Yeah, nobody takes any wooden suggestion box business seriously? Nobody does, that! It is acceptable if you don’t cater t fast-paced people, but if you call your business a “21st-century business” and pride yourself as one, you need to start running your business like one and a wooden suggestion box does seem like you are doing that.

It doesn’t suit your business

I believe your business should level up all around. Nobody wants a haphazard levelled up business. It doesn’t work well for your business so ditch that. Except, of course, your business is not that fancy or it doesn’t really cater to internet savvy people.

What can you do?

To remedy this, you can make use of a customer feedback platform like SuperBi. With SuperBi, your customers can give you feedback on your brand, product, and services. And more importantly, you can make smarter business decisions.

Never make a business decision without data insight. Start your free trial on our website to make your business an all-around 21st-century business now.



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The customer is always right is a cliché that is here to stay because customers are the lifeblood of a business. It is not far-fetched that as a business owner, you are looking for a way to engage better with your customers. According to research, brands that engage with their customers perform better than brands that do not. 

This leads us to the question; how do you engage with your customers? At SuperBI, we have come up with 5 ways in which you can engage with your audience. 

Create a forum

You can do this on Facebook or even your brand’s social media platform. Imagine a diaper brand with a forum for mothers to share how they are coping with motherhood or a sanitary pad company creating a forum where ladies can share how they are coping with period cramps and general period hygiene.

Host an event

Thanks to the pandemic, webinars are now more popular than ever. The idea of the webinars is for the customers to get new information about the brand’s new products or information that will help your customers. This is a way to interact with them.


Giveaways have proven helpful with regards to engaging with customers. It encourages customer participation and rewards the customers if they are successful which is a great boost for your engagement. It depends on what your brand is about. Let’s use a niche we’ve used before, a diaper brand. You can ask parents who use your brand of diapers to do a photoshoot with their baby and the baby with the highest likes wins a year of free supply of diapers and a truck of baby stuff. This will bring engagement to your page and at the same time, creates a relationship between you and your customers.

Ask for feedback and make use of the feedback

Yes, you read this right. You cannot ask for feedback and do nothing about it. ask your customers what changes they are looking to see in the brand and implement the good ones. We said the good ones because some of the suggestions are over the top. As a business owner, you know what works best for your business which is why you know the feedback that would go well with your brand. Thank your customers for the honest feedback, but do what you feel is best for the brand.

Use SuperBI

One of the ways to get to the good books of your customers is by creating an easy channel where they can tell you how they feel. This is why SuperBI is the best for the job. It is the best channel for your customers to express how they feel about a certain product or service and it also provides an avenue for you to engage with your customers which in turn helps your business.

If you are looking to create products your customers want and engage with your customers better, SuperBi comes in handy. Never make a business decision without data insight!