As a business owner, you should never underestimate the power of surveys. It’s the easiest way to know what your customers want, what your customers are not comfortable with, and what you can do better to make them happy.

Making business decisions without data insights is never a great idea which is why surveys are essential. It goes beyond customer satisfaction. In this article, the good people at SuperBi have come up with tips on why surveys are vital for businesses. So, if you are a business owner, we wrote this post with you in mind.

Better relationship with your customers

How well do you know your customers? Do you know what they want? Do you have a target audience, and is your target audience interested in your offering? You might not know what this is about, but with a survey, you’d be able to know your customers or target audience.

Customer satisfaction

Think of how you have given suggestions on how something can be better at work or in your personal life, and someone implemented your advice. Can you remember how satisfied you were? That’s how customers feel when they take a survey telling you what they’d love, and you go ahead to implement it. It is a win-win situation for everyone. A win-win situation because the customer gets products or services that he/she wants, and you create value that the customer loves.

Brand awareness

Surveys give your brand awareness and visibility; it’s not just a thing for customer satisfaction. With a survey, you can understand why people love your brand or why people dislike it, and you can come up with strategies to get into their good books again. Oh, you’d also be known as the brand that takes his/her customers seriously.

Brand growth

It can help your brand grow. Asides from giving your brand the awareness that it deserves, surveys can help your brand grow. This is because with the inputs you have gotten from the surveys, you’d be more proactive regarding making the right decisions to accelerate brand growth. You’d churn out better content, you’d create products that customers genuinely want, and you’d work on loopholes in your brand that you can fix.

Make your customers involved in your business

Customers are the backbone of any business because if they are not making sales, what exactly are you doing? By working hand-in-hand with your customers to create products they love, you are not only simplifying your business process, but you are also bringing them along in your journey. Take Instagram polls now, for example; if you want to make a significant decision on your brand’s page and you want your customers to e involved, create a poll, ask them to vote, and the one with the highest votes wins. This is a part of a survey too, and we offer this service here at SuperBi.

It would help if you didn’t make a significant decision without data insights. That is why it’s important to us that you take surveys seriously, involve your customers in the decision-making process of your business because they are the ones you are trying to serve in the first place.

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Job burnout is something everyone has dealt with at one point in their life or the other. While some people can come out of that, others are not that lucky. Job burnout can take a toll on you and affect your productivity as an employee.

If you feel you are dealing with job burnout, we’ve been there at Twoogle and understand that we might not be able to relate totally with what you are going through because our experiences differ.

How do you know if you are dealing with job burnout?

Certain things scream job burnout and you might want to look into them. If you have low energy, tired of work, unmotivated, lack self-care, frustration, and more, you might be dealing with job burnout and you can fix that. You already know we got you when it has to do with helpful tips.

Take your leave

Some employees do not take their paid annual leaves, why? Why are you not taking it we get the company needs you, but if you are no longer there, they will get a replacement in minutes? Please, if you’ve been trying to avoid taking your annual leave, the time to reconsider is here. Take the leave, go on that solo trip, girls’ trip, or baecation.

You need the energy to be productive and if you don’t have fun and are not well-rested, where do you intend to get the energy from? We don’t sell energy on SuperBI unfortunately so take the leave.

Have a life outside work

When we talk about work-life balance, we want you to have it. Have a life outside work, have people you hang out with outside of work, have events you go for outside of work, having people you call outside of work, have things you talk about outside of work. Maybe that’s the reason you are dealing with job burnout. You’ve talked about work much that it now seems like that’s all you are about.


How often do you rest? Do you take work home with you? Do you rest during the weekend or do you work, work and work? You must take your rest as seriously you take your hustle. Shut down your laptop and mobile devices and get some rest because you deserve it. Sleep.

Plan better

How organized are you? Being organized helps people stay sane and it helps us deal less with Job burnout. For instance, if you work on social media, instead of struggling with content to share instantly, why don’t you batch-create and schedule social media posts via a scheduling software like Twoogle. It helps you stay organised. We believe that as an employee if you plan your week better from your outfits to your meals, you’d notice different energy.

Get to the root cause

Resting and having a work-life balance might not the problem. The problem might not be you; it might be that your place of work is toxic and your employer is stressing you out. In that case, it’s not your fault, but it would help you figure out how to fix it.

Job burnout is hectic and trying to get work done while dealing with it. We hope these tips are helpful and you have a clear idea of what to do if you are dealing with job burnout. Have a great week and don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms at @SuperBI_data on Instagram and Twitter.



If you’ve followed our blog for a while, you’d notice that we love employees and customers as they are the backbone of a business. While we tend to focus on the customers, we do not leave out the employees because a happy employee is a productive employee.

When you appreciate your employee, it helps boost their self-esteem, it makes them want to work harder, it helps them promote the company and it facilitates teamwork. From this, you can see that the benefits of appreciating your employees are enormous so why are you sleeping on it?

We are a brand passionate about pleasing customers and employees which is why in this article, we have come up with 5 creative ways to appreciate your employees as an employer.

Remember their birthdays

You might not know how important this is, but it’s always a beautiful feeling when your employer remembers your birthday. Imagine coming to work and seeing that there a cake and other nice things at work for you on your birthday or a big card that has the signature of everyone in your company wishing you a happy birthday? It reassures the employee that the company cares about him/her and the employee will try to go the extra mile to please this caring company.

With a pandemic where we are forced to work from home, remembering their birthdays also comes in handy. You can do this by sending a birthday package to their homes, posting a picture on their social media platforms, or hopping onto your video conferencing app to sing a happy birthday song. That small gesture makes a huge difference.

Praise them on social media when they do well

A public appraisal is just as important as a private appraisal and why do you feel the need to hide their achievements from the public? If a member of staff has been consistent with doing the best for the company, you can post about that on social media appreciating the person. If it’s a woman, you can post her as your Woman Crush Wednesday and if it’s a man, Mondays are for Man Crush Mondays. You might want to post him on a Monday as your Man Crush outlining his achievements and how he has instrumental he has been with regards to the growth of your company.

Employee of the month 

Do you have this initiative at your place of work where an outstanding employee is recognized as the employee of the month? This achievement can be published on social media as well as on a wall of fame in your company. If you don’t have a wall of fame, you’d need to get one up as soon as possible.

Give them treats

This can be a voucher, movie tickets, a box of chocolates, a scented candle or even a discount in a spa so they can get a massage after a stressful day or week at work. Your staff would be overwhelmed with gratitude and seeing that there is a management that genuinely cares about their wellbeing, the passion to put in more effort to get work done would be there.

Support their education

If a member of staff wants to take a professional course that would be beneficial to their career, you might want to pay for it. It encourages them to take it seriously and at the same time, it makes them want to put in the effort to make sure your company makes progress. 

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We noticed that we say “the customer is always right” a lot on this blog and newsflash, we are not going to stop because the customer is truly always right. Customers are the backbone of any business and if you don’t have customers, then what kind of business are you running?


It’s important to keep your customers happy and to do that, you have to employ customer service professionals who are experts at keeping the customers happy. While you might do your best to hire the best professionals that you can afford, there are some mistakes made by customer service professionals and that’s why we are here.

We’ve decided to give you the top 5 mistakes made by customer service professionals.

Showing no empathy

A customer service professional should empathize with the customer’s needs and the customers should feel way better after talking to you instead of feeling worse. A great customer service professional should be able to show empathy, he/she should try walking in the customer’s shoes and imagine you can’t get a service you paid for. 

Once your customer service officer is consistently yelling at the customer or showing no empathy, you might want to organize another orientation or move the person to another department.

Not being accountable

When customers are blaming you for what went wrong in their order or their business, you cannot tell them that “it’s not your fault” because the customer knows that it might not be your fault, but you are the one taking the blame. As a customer service officer, you are the brand ambassador of the company so when a customer complains about your service or product, you need to be accountable.

Not apologizing

Like we said earlier, we know the challenge the customer is facing is not the fault of the customer, but that doesn’t mean that when the customer is yelling, you’d not apologize. An individual that has issues with apologizing might have a problem with becoming a customer service professional because it is a career path that requires you to be familiar with how to apologize especially when you are not wrong.

Being rude

If someone annoyed you at home, you’d want to keep that energy of annoyance at home and be all smiles when you are at work. Nobody wants to deal with a rude customer service professional. If your customer service officer cannot be polite during work hours to make sure your customers are happy; you might want to move that person to another department.

Lack of honesty

There is no need to tell the customers about services that you do not offer because you are trying to keep the customers or you are trying to do better than your competitors. If you are not sure about the question asked or the services provided, instead of being dishonest, you can tell the customer to give you a few minutes so you can run the information by the person in charge just to be sure.

You cannot make up stories to tell the customer something you are not sure of. It would ruin the brand. So, during orientation, make sure you run these tips by your customer service professionals. Let them know some of the mistakes so they can actively work towards avoiding them.

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Customers are important to any business; a business would be nothing without customers. However, it is sad that despite the emphasis put into making some business owners understand how important the customer is to their businesses, it seems we are pouring water on a rock. 

Time and time again, businesses are failing to build better relationships that don’t involve money with the customers. Ask yourself how many times you’ve bought things because of the stellar experience you had with that company. What we are trying to say is building a great relationship with your customers is essential which is why in this article, we are giving you 5 tips to build a better relationship with your customers.


It’s better to under-promise and over-deliver than to over-promise and under-deliver. Customers love it when you exceed their expectations. Think of the times you’ve said “wow” so many times because of the great service you received from that brand. Customers are blown away by excellent customer service. We remember when one of our staff at SuperBi kept gushing over the candles he bought because of the packaging and the personalized note. Asides from the packaging, the candles smelt heavenly and he was thrilled. He is a huge fan of it and he tells anyone that cares to know about that brand. Over-deliver whenever you get a customer order and watch your customers blow your brand’s trumpet for you.

Personalize the customer’s experience

What this means is that you should personalize your dealings with them whether it has to do with a delivery or with an email. Remember their birthdays and send them emails wishing them a happy birthday, when they order, you can write cute notes. We talked about our staff who was blown away by a candle he bought because it had his name on it with a cute note.

Instead of sending random emails, personalize their emails. Also, if something is going on maybe in your country, send an email to let them know you are thinking about them.

Ask them for feedback

Thankfully, with SuperBI, it is easy to get customer feedback. Most times, business owners just launch products without caring what their customers want. If you watch YouTube videos a lot, you’d understand that certain content creators ask their subscribers what videos they want to see because they know that if they create what people want to see, they will get more views. If you create a product that your customers or prospective clients want, they will patronize you.

Give them rewards

When you reward your customers, they would come back for more and even tell their friends about your business. This is why brands these days are focusing on giveaways and there is something called the Customer Service Week where you get to reward your customers. You can even send Christmas hampers or pay for a holiday for one of your customers. Another thing we’d advice is to take note of your customers who are constantly engaging on your content especially if you run an online business and make sure you do something nice for the person. It can be promoting the person’s business. It’s always the little things for the customers.

Great customer experience

We cannot overemphasize this point. If you’ve been taking customer experience for granted, now is the time to do better. Make sure the customer experience is great generally. Great experience on the website, great experience when they are trying to pay for what’s on their cart, great experience when they call your business or reach out to your business via social media, and more importantly, great experience with the product or services they’ve purchased.


Customer service is everything and as a brand heavily invested in customers, we are here to make sure you know how to get and keep your customers. We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we enjoyed writing it. If you did, subscribe to our email list and follow us on social media @Superbi_data on Twitter and Instagram.



February and March are exciting months because there are a lot of events promoting diversity and inclusion. The month of February is dedicated to Black History while March is dedicated to Women. You might ask why there are months dedicated to black people and women and non for white people and men.

Well, you are free to google so you can keep up with history. In the past, women were not allowed to do a lot. They were not allowed to get an education, to vote, to get a job, and more. All they did was the chores and get married and even in the marriage, they didn’t have a say. Taking out a month to celebrate them celebrates their journey and applauds women generally because even though there are still issues that need to be fixed like child marriage, human trafficking, and more, there is progress. As regards black people, we know how it has been. From working as slaves in plantain plantations to having a voice. We must understand just how important the progress is as we work towards more inclusion and diversity.

It’s not enough to liaise with your Social Media Managers and Content Creators for Black History Month and International Women’s Day, we need to do more than that.

At SuperBI, your employees and customers are our priority so we will do our best to give you content that will give your employees and customers a better experience. In this article, we’ve come up with 5 ways in which you can build an inclusive workplace.

Hire them

We cannot say this enough. It’s not enough to say you have one black person in your team and 101 white people. You can hire more black people. No, it doesn’t have to be 50/50, but when people see people who look like them in their place of work, there is this vibe that it gives. If you follow black Hollywood actors, they’ll tell you how excited they were to see people like them take on leading roles and that helped them believe they could do it.

When Kerry Washington starred in Scandal, she was the first black woman to be a lead actress in a series that big and this gave room for others like Taraji P Henson as the lead actress in Empire. Asides from these examples, it also helps people put in their best. Knowing that the company they are working for is inclusive, you’d see the effort your members of staff who are in the minority will put in to get the work done.

Look out for their holidays

We are not looking at diversity from the point of view of women and black people, but for everyone in the minority including people of color, special needs people, and even people from other religions. If you have a Jewish staff and there is a holiday like Hanukkah, you can wish your staff a happy Hanukkah and ask what he/she is doing that day. You can even buy gifts for the person. It’s International Women’s Day and you have few female employees, how about doing something nice for them? Remember, it’s not about the graphics on social media, it’s what you do after that.

Use inclusive pronouns

Not everyone is interested in marriage, not everyone is interested in having a husband or wife. Some people live together, are in love, but are not willing to get married so when you say husband or wife instead of partner, what do you think that means? It doesn’t cover them and it also doesn’t cover gay people. This is not the only example, but we are also not about to bother you with numerous examples. Use inclusive pronouns.

Don’t demean their struggle

If someone at work says “black lives matter”, don’t say “all lives matter”. If they say the future is female, don’t say, the future is everyone. You are not in their shoes, you don’t know the struggle, you don’t know what they are trying to deal with and how hard it is. So, instead of jumping right in, make sure you ask questions or say nothing. During tough times like someone gets killed because of racism, you can send an email to your black staff reminding them that you care about them

Take harassments seriously

This! Most companies try to sweep it under the carpet and it’s so annoying. A member of staff reports to HR about someone using the N word and HR says “you know, it’s just bants.” Or a male employee telling a female employee that she was employed to fill the diversity gap and your HR does nothing about it? Then on days set aside to promote diversity, you work with the graphics designer to slap fancy graphics in our faces on social media?

There is nothing cooler than a diverse and inclusive workplace where people in the minority can put in their best to get the work done. If you’ve failed to practice what you preach on social media, here is another chance to make it right.

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