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As a business owner, you should never underestimate the power of surveys. It’s the easiest way to know what your customers want, what your customers are not comfortable with, and what you can do better to make them happy.

Making business decisions without data insights is never a great idea which is why surveys are essential. It goes beyond customer satisfaction. In this article, the good people at SuperBi have come up with tips on why surveys are vital for businesses. So, if you are a business owner, we wrote this post with you in mind.

Better relationship with your customers

How well do you know your customers? Do you know what they want? Do you have a target audience, and is your target audience interested in your offering? You might not know what this is about, but with a survey, you’d be able to know your customers or target audience.

Customer satisfaction

Think of how you have given suggestions on how something can be better at work or in your personal life, and someone implemented your advice. Can you remember how satisfied you were? That’s how customers feel when they take a survey telling you what they’d love, and you go ahead to implement it. It is a win-win situation for everyone. A win-win situation because the customer gets products or services that he/she wants, and you create value that the customer loves.

Brand awareness

Surveys give your brand awareness and visibility; it’s not just a thing for customer satisfaction. With a survey, you can understand why people love your brand or why people dislike it, and you can come up with strategies to get into their good books again. Oh, you’d also be known as the brand that takes his/her customers seriously.

Brand growth

It can help your brand grow. Asides from giving your brand the awareness that it deserves, surveys can help your brand grow. This is because with the inputs you have gotten from the surveys, you’d be more proactive regarding making the right decisions to accelerate brand growth. You’d churn out better content, you’d create products that customers genuinely want, and you’d work on loopholes in your brand that you can fix.

Make your customers involved in your business

Customers are the backbone of any business because if they are not making sales, what exactly are you doing? By working hand-in-hand with your customers to create products they love, you are not only simplifying your business process, but you are also bringing them along in your journey. Take Instagram polls now, for example; if you want to make a significant decision on your brand’s page and you want your customers to e involved, create a poll, ask them to vote, and the one with the highest votes wins. This is a part of a survey too, and we offer this service here at SuperBi.

It would help if you didn’t make a significant decision without data insights. That is why it’s important to us that you take surveys seriously, involve your customers in the decision-making process of your business because they are the ones you are trying to serve in the first place.

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Mondays are usually a nightmare for some employees. It’s the start of a new work week, and there are a ton of deliverables; it’s adrift from the rest we had during the weekend where we don’t do anything. If you don’t plan your weekend, the chances are that your week might now be productive.

In this article, we have have outline 5 ways to plan your weekend so you can have a successful and productive week.

Plan your work outfits
With some of us working from home, we might think this might not be ideal, but it is. While working from home, having separate work clothes, even if it’s loungewear, you’d need to plan your work outfits during the weekend. You don’t want to start running around looking for your wig or an outfit during your Monday meeting.

Plan your meals
You don’t understand how much time planning meals takes especially if you have a family or kids. You don’t want to wake up on Monday and start thinking of what to make or order. It’s essential to figure out what you want to eat throughout the week or at least a considerable part of the week. It’s important. It’s even more critical if you are on a diet. Use your weekend to figure out what you want to eat for the next few days.

Catch up with loved ones
What time do you have to catch up with your loved ones, if not the weekend? You work all week; you might as well hang out with your loved ones. Make time for them; your life doesn’t have to be tied to work all the time.

Keep your home tidy
We don’t get how people can function in an unkempt home or environment, but we can pardon that during the workweek. However, clean your house during the weekend. A tidy home accelerates productivity; you get more productive when your home is tidy. If you’ve not been taking tidying your home seriously, do it this weekend and thank us later.
We want you to start your week with good vibes, and you know what’s not good vibes? An untidy home. So, work on that this week, especially if you are working from home.

“Take your rest as seriously as you take your hustle.” We’ve seen this quote on social media countless times, but we are sure you are gonna turn on your laptop this weekend to reply to some emails, and that’s not ideal. Try something new this weekend, don’t do anything work-related asides from planning your outfits and food. Take some time to sleep for at least 7-8 hours, watch a movie, read a book and do things that will make you happy.

Go outside
Something as little as opening your window to welcome the sunlight or receive fresh air can change everything and put you in a great mood to say nothing of being outside. If you’ve been inside, try to go outside this weekend, and write to the good people at SuperBi to tell us about your experience.

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COVID came and changed the game regarding work. While we love it sometimes because we don’t have to face traffic and the rigours that come with leaving the house every day, we miss the bond we have with our co-workers. Meeting them physically, the events, and all that.

Working from home can be tasking and it’s even worse for employers trying to figure out a way to appreciate their staff working from home. At SuperBI, everyone works from home and even though it’s tasking, we are getting a hang of it which is why in this article, we are sharing tips on how you can appreciate your employees who work remotely.

Post them on social media

Not on your personal social media page, but your work social media page. Post them to show the world just how amazing they are. It’s fun when your friends post your picture on their social media pages while showering encomium on you, imagine how interesting it will be when it’s from the company you work for. If they are doing well, make sure you tell the world how amazing they are.

Send them gift cards

How often do you send your staff gift cards? Your employees are the internal customers of the company and if you don’t treat them right, how do you think they will share the good news about your company with the world? If you’ve been stalling, do something nice for them. Send them a gift card, it’s a way to show that you appreciate them and you care about them.

Organize virtual hangouts and pay for their orders

Planning an event is tough, but you know what’s tougher, planning a virtual one. To do this, you can maybe order them pizza or whatever they like or give them a voucher so they can order what they want and they can munch on it when the virtual hangout is going on.

It makes them happy and also creates a bonding time with members of staff.

Call them

This might sound strange, but when last did you pick up your phone to call your colleague and ask “how are you doing?” People hardly ask that especially employers. If you’ve never done this, you should try it out. Your employee would find it strange, but at the same time, he/she would find it thoughtful. Pick up the phone and make that call now.

Engage with their content on social media

We know you just rolled your eyes now and you’re like “what are the people at SuperBI saying? Are they joking or what?” No, we are not joking. When your employee makes a post on social media and you are following him/her, a like or a witty comment can do the trick. If you crack dry jokes, maybe just like the post and go. Liking a post is still engaging with the post.

That’s all we have for today guys. Please, we know this might sound unconventional especially for employers who feel that they have to be mean-spirited to respected. Even though members of staff are working from home, it’s not an excuse not to appreciate them.

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If you’ve been following our articles, you’d agree that we love employees and customers a lot at SuperBI. Last week, we talked about dealing with job burnout for employees, and today, we are facing employers.

It’s important to note that employers also deal with job burnout. It can get overwhelming when trying to do everything on your own which is why we’ve dedicated this Monday to creating something nice for our entrepreneurs because we care about them too.

If you’ve been dealing with job burnout as an entrepreneur, this article on how to avoid job burnout as an entrepreneur will help you with your struggle.

Build a great team

The reason most employers deal with job burnout is they want to do everything themselves. You are called an employer for a reason, to get people to get the job done for you and people to manage people. You can’t pay your employees and still help them do their jobs.

We’d recommend that you invest in creating a great team instead of trying to do your employee’s job.

Find time to unplug from work

This might be difficult especially in your early days because you might still have issues not being present regarding the decisions and activities in your business, but you have to get used to it. That’s why you are the boss, you call the shots and that entails taking out time to unplug from work.

Check within

What are you doing that can cause this? Is it because of work? Do you think your employees are not getting the job done the way they should? Why do you think so? Are your employees unhappy? Why do you think they are? Are you constantly yelling and hardly compliment them when they do things right? Check within. You might be the cause of your job burnout and the reasons your employees are dealing with job burnout. If you are, you might want to change. You don’t want to be the shady and angry boss we always talk about.

Know yourself

When Socrates said “man know thyself”, we believe he was specifically referring to entrepreneurs. You know your body; you know how it works and you know when it is desperately begging for a break. Give it that, don’t let it get to the stage of burnout before you start looking for a solution.


A healthy exercise routine always wins, it puts you in a better mood. For us at SuperBi, we have a workout playlist filled with songs that energize us. So, whenever we want to work out in our homes, we just go straight to our playlist. If you are not into music, listening to a podcast or an audiobook while working out might be the alternative.

Exercising in the morning comes in handy if you want to avoid job burnout and put in the best to make sure your business is what you want it to be.

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Job burnout is something everyone has dealt with at one point in their life or the other. While some people can come out of that, others are not that lucky. Job burnout can take a toll on you and affect your productivity as an employee.

If you feel you are dealing with job burnout, we’ve been there at Twoogle and understand that we might not be able to relate totally with what you are going through because our experiences differ.

How do you know if you are dealing with job burnout?

Certain things scream job burnout and you might want to look into them. If you have low energy, tired of work, unmotivated, lack self-care, frustration, and more, you might be dealing with job burnout and you can fix that. You already know we got you when it has to do with helpful tips.

Take your leave

Some employees do not take their paid annual leaves, why? Why are you not taking it we get the company needs you, but if you are no longer there, they will get a replacement in minutes? Please, if you’ve been trying to avoid taking your annual leave, the time to reconsider is here. Take the leave, go on that solo trip, girls’ trip, or baecation.

You need the energy to be productive and if you don’t have fun and are not well-rested, where do you intend to get the energy from? We don’t sell energy on SuperBI unfortunately so take the leave.

Have a life outside work

When we talk about work-life balance, we want you to have it. Have a life outside work, have people you hang out with outside of work, have events you go for outside of work, having people you call outside of work, have things you talk about outside of work. Maybe that’s the reason you are dealing with job burnout. You’ve talked about work much that it now seems like that’s all you are about.


How often do you rest? Do you take work home with you? Do you rest during the weekend or do you work, work and work? You must take your rest as seriously you take your hustle. Shut down your laptop and mobile devices and get some rest because you deserve it. Sleep.

Plan better

How organized are you? Being organized helps people stay sane and it helps us deal less with Job burnout. For instance, if you work on social media, instead of struggling with content to share instantly, why don’t you batch-create and schedule social media posts via a scheduling software like Twoogle. It helps you stay organised. We believe that as an employee if you plan your week better from your outfits to your meals, you’d notice different energy.

Get to the root cause

Resting and having a work-life balance might not the problem. The problem might not be you; it might be that your place of work is toxic and your employer is stressing you out. In that case, it’s not your fault, but it would help you figure out how to fix it.

Job burnout is hectic and trying to get work done while dealing with it. We hope these tips are helpful and you have a clear idea of what to do if you are dealing with job burnout. Have a great week and don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms at @SuperBI_data on Instagram and Twitter.