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The world is evolving rapidly and businesses are not slacking, they are looking for ways to join the trend. They are continuously looking for ways to evolve and to keep up with what is going on with trends. However, there are still some businesses that are still stuck in the past.

I walked into a restaurant to get something only recently and I was kind of disappointed. Well, not about the food or the relaxed ambience that welcomes me, I wasn’t disappointed about the customer service either. It was great, but I was disappointed about how they expect their dissatisfied customers to reach out to them. I didn’t sit well with me. I expected that a restaurant as fancy as that should do better especially with their customer feedback, but putting a wooden box and asking customers to write their feedback on a paper and put it in your “suggestion box” has to be the most backward thing ever.

You cannot be running a 21st-century business, have a website that people can order from and your customer’s suggestions are taken when your customers put their complaint in a wooden box. 

Why a wooden suggestion box is not the best idea for your business especially if you position yourself as a 21st-century business

Not everyone makes use of paper and pen

I can’t remember the last time I wrote on a pen and paper. I have note applications on my phone, I make sure of applications on my phone for everything. I have a scheduling app on my phone, I have a budgeting app on my phone, I have a tracker on my phone and anything I can’t do on my phone, I do on my laptop. Most people don’t even go around with paper and a pen and I’m sure the idea of your wooden box is not so people can type their complaints on their computers, print it, and put it in your suggestion box because it’s hilarious.

Nobody takes your business seriously

Yeah, nobody takes any wooden suggestion box business seriously? Nobody does, that! It is acceptable if you don’t cater t fast-paced people, but if you call your business a “21st-century business” and pride yourself as one, you need to start running your business like one and a wooden suggestion box does seem like you are doing that.

It doesn’t suit your business

I believe your business should level up all around. Nobody wants a haphazard levelled up business. It doesn’t work well for your business so ditch that. Except, of course, your business is not that fancy or it doesn’t really cater to internet savvy people.

What can you do?

To remedy this, you can make use of a customer feedback platform like SuperBi. With SuperBi, your customers can give you feedback on your brand, product, and services. And more importantly, you can make smarter business decisions.

Never make a business decision without data insight. Start your free trial on our website to make your business an all-around 21st-century business now.

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