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It’s International Women’s Day this Sunday and I am super hyped up about it. I don’t know if my excitement is because we’ve been indoors for so long and now, help is almost here. I mean, the vaccine is almost here and it will soon get to everyone, but somehow, this International Women’s Day makes me so happy. Oh, I know why, we are launching soon! Yeah, you read that right. SuperBi is launching this month.

Our launch however is not what this post is about. In line with the #IWD2021 coming up on Sunday, we have 5 ways to celebrate international women’s day 2021 at work.

Pay your female employees what they are worth

Gender parity has been talked about a lot, but are companies practicing it? Are you paying your female employees what they are worth or are you paying them less because they are women? It’s another women’s month and it’s time for you to do the right thing. It’s not about splashing photos of your female employees on social media to celebrate the month, pay them what they are worth, pay them what you pay their male counterparts in the same level and department.

Listen to them

Some men are fond of cutting women off when they want to give an opinion because misogyny doesn’t go away with a corporate outfit or with education. Some men still don’t believe that a woman is has a say. To them, she is supposed to listen when they talk and she should not have a say.

If you are a man like this, you have a chance to change and become a better person. It’s not about hailing Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, how are you treating the women who work for you or with you? Do you treat their opinion as thrash because they are women? Do better this year. We have joy in our lives now with the COVID vaccines, let our joy be full with your new decision to listen to the women you work with instead of sweeping their opinion under the carpet.

Do something nice for them

Yes, you read that right. Give them a treat because women have tried. From not being able to vote and be voted for, not being able to get a job, not being able to publish literary works, not being able to get an education to women now being in places of power, holding top management positions, getting degrees and killing it generally. Please, it’s a thing of celebration so do something nice for the women in your organisation. It can be a card, a text, buying a book, paying for a movie date, or deciding to treat them better, do something to make them feel special.

Employ more women

I’m not saying you should employ women who cannot get the job done. Employ women who can get the job done. It’s not fair that your organization consists of 92% male and 8% women. I’m sure there is something you can do to make increase the percentage of qualified women you have in your organization. I’m not saying it must be 50/50, but try to employ more qualified women in your organization.

Maternity Leave

Do you know how hard it is for a woman to be her best at work and at the same time still be a mom? When your female employee asks for maternity leave, can you give her a maternity leave? 3 weeks is not enough. I get that work must go on, but someone who is well-rested will put in the work for you. if you know that your employee was active and agile before she put to bed, what will it cost to give her a maternity leave? If you make your female employee happy and provide a good working condition for them, you’d see how productivity would skyrocket in your company.

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