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A customer service executive is the brand influencer. The customer service executive is the first person your client meets and the first impression your clients have about your business is the customer service. So, when you want to hire a customer service executive, there are certain things you have to consider.


In this article, I’m going to give you 5 skills a customer service executive must possess before you hire the person. You need to look out for these things before you hire the person.



A customer service executive needs to have empathy, he/she should be able to empathize with customers when things in your company are not working out. The executive should be able to calm the customers down too. Empathy is an important customer skill that any customer service executive should have.


A customer service executive should be patient. Customers would frustrate you; they would yell at you, they would call you names and it’s normal because they are angry. Angry people do annoying things especially angry people who paid for a service with their money and not getting their money’s worth. The duty of a customer service executive involves making the customer feel better and try to solve the customer’s challenges. An impatient person cannot work as a customer service executive. You need to look out for this skill before you hire somebody.

Listening Skills

Someone who doesn’t listen and who would rather talk cannot be a customer service executive. You’d listen to a lot of customers complain about your company without interruption so many times. If you notice that someone interrupts and talks more than he/she listens, you might have to reconsider employing the person or maybe train the person to be a better listener.


A customer service executive should be nice. Even if he/she is not nice to family, you need to be nice to clients. The fact that things are not looking good at home or a customer service executive had an issue with a partner doesn’t mean that he/she should transfer the aggression to the client. Whatever issue you are going through, you need to show up and be nice to your customers. Customers are looking for the slightest excuse to leave a brand, don’t give them one with bad customer service. Hire a customer service executive that is nice.

Knowledge of your business

Your customer service executive needs to know your business in and out. Of course, the person doesn’t need to know your business in and out before you hire the person. A customer service executive has to talk to your customers about your brand. Make sure you hire someone willing to learn about your business because he/she is the representative of the company.


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