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If you’ve followed our blog for a while, you’d notice that we love employees and customers as they are the backbone of a business. While we tend to focus on the customers, we do not leave out the employees because a happy employee is a productive employee.

When you appreciate your employee, it helps boost their self-esteem, it makes them want to work harder, it helps them promote the company and it facilitates teamwork. From this, you can see that the benefits of appreciating your employees are enormous so why are you sleeping on it?

We are a brand passionate about pleasing customers and employees which is why in this article, we have come up with 5 creative ways to appreciate your employees as an employer.

Remember their birthdays

You might not know how important this is, but it’s always a beautiful feeling when your employer remembers your birthday. Imagine coming to work and seeing that there a cake and other nice things at work for you on your birthday or a big card that has the signature of everyone in your company wishing you a happy birthday? It reassures the employee that the company cares about him/her and the employee will try to go the extra mile to please this caring company.

With a pandemic where we are forced to work from home, remembering their birthdays also comes in handy. You can do this by sending a birthday package to their homes, posting a picture on their social media platforms, or hopping onto your video conferencing app to sing a happy birthday song. That small gesture makes a huge difference.

Praise them on social media when they do well

A public appraisal is just as important as a private appraisal and why do you feel the need to hide their achievements from the public? If a member of staff has been consistent with doing the best for the company, you can post about that on social media appreciating the person. If it’s a woman, you can post her as your Woman Crush Wednesday and if it’s a man, Mondays are for Man Crush Mondays. You might want to post him on a Monday as your Man Crush outlining his achievements and how he has instrumental he has been with regards to the growth of your company.

Employee of the month 

Do you have this initiative at your place of work where an outstanding employee is recognized as the employee of the month? This achievement can be published on social media as well as on a wall of fame in your company. If you don’t have a wall of fame, you’d need to get one up as soon as possible.

Give them treats

This can be a voucher, movie tickets, a box of chocolates, a scented candle or even a discount in a spa so they can get a massage after a stressful day or week at work. Your staff would be overwhelmed with gratitude and seeing that there is a management that genuinely cares about their wellbeing, the passion to put in more effort to get work done would be there.

Support their education

If a member of staff wants to take a professional course that would be beneficial to their career, you might want to pay for it. It encourages them to take it seriously and at the same time, it makes them want to put in the effort to make sure your company makes progress. 

Make the happiness of your employees a priority by finding creative ways to please them. If you enjoyed this article, kindly subscribe to our email list and follow us on social media @Superbi_data on Twitter and Instagram.

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