Customer Feedback Survey And Analytics

Get feedback on how customers are experiencing your products

Customer Satisfaction

The power to win-back unhappy customers

It starts with a simple survey. Get feedback on how customers are experiencing your products. Micro-based surveys, short, simple and few questions help to improve completion rate.


Measure the overall product experience using Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Product Market Fit

PMF: Learn from the customers so you can build products they really want.

Customer Experience

Measure customer experience using CES and CSAT

Built with you in mind

SuperBI is the best for the job


Product Managers

Build your products with your customers in mind. Get the right feedback to enrich your product concept. Understand the features your customers like the most and optimize.

UX/UI Designers

Research and improve on the customer journey – from discovery, onboarding, purchasing, billing, usage and support.

Product Marketers

Monitor and track customer satisfaction and Net Promoter score (NPS) using a simple tool that will help you collate customer feedback and generate useful data insights.

Hear from our happy users

SuperBI helps me understand what is going well and what is not in terms of customer experience on my product.

Wan Clem

CEO , Postly

I get to be one step ahead of all my customer issues and concerns.

Taslim Oseni

Co-Founder, ProductMarketing for Tech

Getting traction in partnership business is not possible if you don’t know what the customer wants. SuperBI has solved this problem for me.

Johnson Emeka

CEO, PartnershipHunt

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