Customer feedback and analytics tool.

Join hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs that use SuperBI’s platform to collect, process and analyze customer feedback.


Make informed business decicions

Never make a business decision without data insights!

The power to know what your customers want

Stop building products that nobody wants. Find out what your customers want.

Win back happy customers

Give the customers voice to commend when you are happy, vent when you are not, service excellence can only be achieved when your customers are satisfied with your offerings.

Get customer validation

Social proof is the new currency for customer acquision, let your happy customers do the marketing for you. 


Product, Marketing, Local business, Startups, Enterprises

Contextual Survey

+ Feedback on all platforms – website, app, blogs, offline.
+ Feedback on all content – text, image, video, documents.

Insights and Trends

+ Well rendered reports showing insights and trends.
+ Single view of the user’s demographics information


+ Live report – take corrective actions while in the moment.
+ Well designed report dashboard.

Social Proof

+ Public dashboard – Social Proof influences consumer purchase decisions.
+ Aim to show-and-tell your service excellence.


Product, Marketing, Local business, Startups, Enterprises

Idea validation

Stop building products that don’t sell. Meet the actual customers and get their feedback. Customer’s input is very important in building a good product.

Product marketing

As a product marketing executive, you are responsible for developing product market-fit, market-positioning, product messaging, competitive differentiation etc. to enable the Sales marketing team have successful runs.

Product Management

Build better products or improve existing ones with customer feedback. Make informed decisions to guide your product development and management.


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