Customer feedback

Listen to your customers, build products they really want.

Business is rife with ruthless competition  –  Customer Experience is the best way to differentiate – how best to achieve an excellent Customer Experience than to listen to your customers.

That is why we made SuperBI. To win-back your unhappy customers and make the happy ones even happier!

Team collaboration

Build super effective project teams.

The corporate work is tough and hectic –  a good amount of effort, cost and time are spent organizing teams and little left for the actual work.

SuperBI helps you improve productivity by taking team collaboration to a whole new level.

Features and Use Cases

Product, Marketing, Local business, Startups, Enterprises


A secure forum where your project teams can review stuff, share ideas and work more closely. You can create as many teams as you want.


This is best for engaging your customers. Create customer focus groups where you can engage and get feedback on your Brand, Products and Services, Experience  etc. 

Idea validation

Stop building products that don’t sell. Meet the actual customers and get their feedback. Customer’s input is very important in building a good product.

Product management

Product development: a good product development process must involve the customers. Let customer feedback guide your decision making at each stage of your product development and management.

Product marketing

Product marketing: understand your product -market-fit, competitors, customers etc. to guide you in defining your value proposition, market positioning and competitive differentiation.


Live report: Take corrective actions while in the moment with well designed report dashboard and live report feeds.

Social proof: Social Proof influences consumer purchase decisions. SuperBI will show off your service excellence via the social proof dashboard.

Channel support

All channels: website, app, blogs, offline (QR Codes).
All contents: text, image, video, documents.

"Never make a business decision without data insight!"

– PO

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